Monthly Archives: February 2013

La femme de couleur

Borrowed mother’s voice, To pay tribute. My aria ricochets. Have the dark clouds been banished? Are you dreaming of delicious blackberries? Has my song ransomed me? A dutiful daughter, I am a parody of an echo. These legacy chains bind me, silken sisterly knots, stirring soup in cast iron pots to feed the ‘strongmen, as […]

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Autobiography of a Goddess

Autobiography of a Goddess Emerging from the head of a god? fully formed from the sea? No, falling from a Cap-Haïtien mango tree a suckling, nourishing on sugarcane. Departing, same hemisphere, new city. an undocumented body in the elementary factory assembly line. Discovering language weaving tales like Scheherazade not to defer death but to invent […]

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WANTED: Objects of Desire, Black Girls Need Not Apply

“A fetish is a story masquerading as an object.” For over four hundred years in the United States, a combination of law, social restriction and cultural taboo has discouraged interracial marriages from taking place. Up until 1967, most states had laws prohibiting interracial marriages. In 1967 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia […]

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